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Ahlem Eyewear: designed in France, fashion worldwide
Designer Ahlem Manai-Platt, a Paris native living in Los Angeles, has a long-standing fascination with the relationship between beauty, functionality and design. The culmination of her passions has resulted in the development of Ahlem Eyewear.
“I wanted my collection to represent the real Paris, a city that isn’t defined by brands or trends, but rather by the people – a mix of artists and intellects who work hard and hustle, yet who take time to relax and play as well.”
Each frame is named after a neighbourhood in Paris, as full of life and character as the area they represent.
Handmade in France
Each pair of frames is entirely made by hand, with uncompromising attention to detail. Mazzuchelli and vintage acetates used are all hand-selected. The Cridal lenses from French optical company Christian Dalloz, provide superior UVA/UVB protection with built-in anti-reflective coating. Every pair of glasses is created with the utmost respect for material and process.
While the frames may look familiar at first, it’s the subtle touches that reveal Ahlem Eyewear’s signature: beveled temples, rounded edges and a finely-curved nose bridge invites an interplay between hard and soft elements, while a unique metal and rubber binding on the hinges adds stability.
“I really pay attention to every single detail, never compromise on quality because. I want to be able to stand behind every piece I make.”
Vintage Acetate
On a recent sourcing trip in Europe, Ahlem fell in love with these rare sheets of vintage acetate, originally produced by the iconic Mazzucchelli family in Italy. Culled from a limited batch of raw, vintage stock, these pieces are highly collectible and no longer produced today. The vintage acetates are incredibly multifaceted, with unique colours and textures that change depending on the light. It is rare today to see so many colours layered together in one sheet of acetate, and the handmade nature of the pieces means that each is one of a kind. Mazzucchelli has been producing acetate since 1849 and the quality and touch is unrivaled.
Christian Dalloz Cridal Lenses
When it comes to buying glasses, Ahlem believes that a beautiful frame should be paired with the right lenses. That is why they use Cridal lenses from French optical company, Christian Dalloz. With more than 50 years of experience in lens technology, the company offers the most complete and advanced line of optical and sun lenses in the industry today.
Cridal lenses are 100% compatible with acetate and offer excellent resistance to stress cracking, while also passing the 45 m/s low energy impact test required in eye protection standards. In addition, Cridal lenses offer excellent transparency without light diffusion, allowing for clean, clear vision free from any distortion.
Produced entirely in France, Cridal lenses are held to the highest manufacturing regulations for quality and standards. The lenses are made from a recyclable thermoplastic material, resulting in a low carbon footprint and responsible environmental practices.
Karen Walker, roots in  vintage with a modern flair
Karen Walker’s sunglass designs are quite an eclectic mix, bringing together many elements with a surprising ease. They embody tailored and street, masculine and feminine, dark and bright. Karen Walker is best known for collections that are original, unpretentious and always optimistic. Overall the label has a feeling of effortlessness and has been described by the UK‘s Independent newspaper as being “the kind of look that provides a means of appearing cool but not trying-too-hard, cute but not saccharine, alternative but not self consciously so. The fact that these collections appear to be so totally not ‘fashion’ is what makes them so ‘now’”.
Karen Walker collections are high casual, elevated with a signature love of print and colour. The reoccurring theme is juxta­pos­ition of opposites — masculine and feminine, tailored and street, luxury and non-luxury, dark and super-cute.
Karen Walker is a fashion brand with a reputation for its original, effortless and unpretentious style. Karen Walker shows each season as part of New York Fashion Week and has permanent showrooms in London, New York, Tokyo and Sydney. There are five Karen Walker flagship stores in New Zealand. She is also part of the group behind The Department Store in Auckland. The Department Store is a modern take on the traditional department store and includes a Karen Walker boutique alongside the best of Auckland’s beauty, art, interior, fashion and food. It’s a 360 degree shopping experience that stretches across three floors.
The collections all have the outsider as their inspiration. Karen Walker’s work celebrates the anti-‘it girl’ – characters like Ally Sheedy’s heavy fringed weirdo in ‘The Breakfast Club’, orphan Annie, the juvenile delinquent prom queen who climbs out the window after curfew to run with the bad crowd, Woody Allen’s persistently dissatisfied Annie Hall, an Amelia Earhart inspired adventuress who, after crash landing in the jungle, turns her back on civilisation in preference of tribal life or 1930’s comic book super-heroines leading double lives. Not the beautiful girl in the room, but the interesting one. These extremes reflect heavily in the eyewear collection as an ongoing reference.
Karen Walker was awarded the 2007 Prix de Marie Claire award for best creative talent.
Celebrity followers include Alexa Chung, Florence (Florence and the Machine), Rihanna, Beth Ditto, M.I.A. and Whitney Port to name a few. 
Miu Miu, forties inspired with Hollywood glamour
Founded by Miuccia Prada in 1993, the Miu Miu eyewear brand and collection is an offshoot from the fashion powerhouse Prada. The name Miu Miu is derived from Miuccia Prada’s family nickname. The first boutique opened in Via della Spiga, Milan.
Three years after the launch of Miu Miu, the label shows its first collection at New York Fashion Week in 1995. Kate Moss is selected to star in the show and this instantly gains the attention of the industry. From there the success of Miu Miu continues to grow.
Miu Miu sunglasses for women truly reflect Miuccia’s strong personality with frames that are quirky and playful, yet sophisticated and feminine; perfect for those looking to stand out from the crowd.
Miu Miu has offered a hip, chic fashion option created for stylish, younger customers. With highly distinctive shapes and unusual frames, Miu Miu glasses define the fashion forward customer.
The styles give any look a contemporary cool finish with that catwalk feel. The optical and sunglasses range shows geometric shapes and statement making styles.
Handmade in Italy
Miu Miu is all hand made in Italy with the highest quality acetate and metals. Proudly stocked at Oki and Oro as one of our most fabulous and fashion forward brands.
In 2012, Miu Miu launched the “Women’s Tales” series of short films, partnering with high-profile female directors to create short silent films that featured Miu Miu’s collections. The first four films premiered at the 69th Venice International Film Festival and were directed by Zoe Cassavetes, Lucrecia Martel, Giada Colagrande, and Massy Tadjedin. A fifth film written and directed by Ava DuVernay and starring Gabrielle Union debuted in 2013.
Miu Miu is set to launch its first fragrance in 2015. This is the first time that they have expanded outside the fashion and accessories markets.
Res Rei : it’s about individuality
About Res Rei
In the pursuit of a name for our frames, we looked for something that symbolised our Italian heritage. We went back in time to the language of ancient Rome and its empire: Latin. RES REI means ‘the thing’ in Latin. It means an existing object, with substance and form; but it also means a concept, an idea. RES/REI is the ensemble of things that make life around us, in all given forms.
It’s about individuality
Frames are peculiar objects: they are fashion accessories, enhancement devices for aesthetics, yet they are medical devices, precision tools to overcome poor eyesight. Some might argue that spectacles are an extension of someone’s closet; for us, it’s about individuality. We don’t let fashion trends rule our style, but we are aware that frames are tools for expression. In the pursuit of the “unique”, we define style with our own point of view.
It’s about durability
Nowadays most things are disposable, temporary. Consumerist society has changed behavioural patterns: objects are design to sell, not to last. We want to make frames that survive in time and age gracefully. Objects often symbolise something more than their intrinsic nature, and this is often preserved over the years. Through personal association objects gain subjective meaning based on the memories that we have of them.
It’s about research for perfection
We believe on incremental development; we question constantly our work, both aesthetically and functionally. We focus on the little details that, at the end of the day, make the difference between ‘the good’ and ‘the exceptional’.
Think globally, act locally
We are a global brand, yet our production is local. In our opinion, there are several advantages on producing locally.
First: quality. The only way to fully control quality, is to work closely with the manufacturers, to pay them visit every week, to soak their experience and use it as inspiration for new ideas.
Second: sustainability. We care about our footprint. We only produce with sustainable conscious manufacturers, aware of consequences of industrial production. Producing locally we are able to cut on goods transportation, therefore to reduce our CO2 footprint. All our suppliers, from raw materials producers to manufacturing factories, from printing facilities to screws suppliers, are local.
Third: heritage. Italians were lucky enough to invent the first piece of eyewear and have been making glasses since then, constantly refining their skills. Most of the world leading brands in the optical business are located within few square kilometers, in the heart of Italy.
We only work with Italian suppliers and manufacturers.
Tom Ford, everyone thinks Tom Ford is cool
A must have item for many celebrities Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses are fast becoming one of the best selling eyewear brand collection around the world and are now available at Oki & Oro. The style and finish of each frame is superb, being completed by hand in Italy. The latest 2013/2014 collection is a combination of metal and acetate styles, which Tom Ford has designed for both men and women; bold, yet elegant, they exude sophistication and a sense of luxury.
A brief history of Tom Ford. He was born in Texas, the bright lights of New York City soon attracted him and it wasn’t too long before he was a regular on the party scene at venue’s like the infamous Studio 54 club. His first job in fashion came at French brand Chloe, however it was his next fashion role at Gucci where he made his name and successfully turned around their fortunes. In 2004, Tom Ford created the Tom Ford brand which is now widely recognised as one of the most luxurious and glamorous eyewear brand collections today.
Nobody does high-impact glamour like Tom Ford!
A true piece of Italian luxury for the 21st century Tom Ford used his skills and the reputation he had built to launch his own collection which includes the fabulous Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses collection. He created a true piece of Italian luxury, every pair of Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses have an effortless elegance and style which represents a timeless look, the first true luxury sunglass brand of the 21st century. The Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses range features some truly beautiful and desirable pieces.
The Tom Ford Eyewear style and finish of each frame is superb, being completed by hand in Italy. The latest 2014 collection is a combination of metal and acetate styles, which Tom Ford has designed for both men and women; bold, yet elegant, they exude sophistication and a sense of luxury.
The Tom Ford spectacles and sunglasses collection has been designed to be desired and loved. The Collection For Spring 2014, Tom Ford introduces frames for women and men that bring statement-making, directional design to the face, with extraordinary levels of luxury and comfort. The collection includes new versions of Tom Ford’s best-selling sunglasses plus new styles that morph vintage-inspired shapes into ultra-contemporary silhouettes and colours. Spring 2014 also sees 60’s style optical frames. A perfectionist. His inspiration comes from the past, his designs are pro-active, he creates what we desire, he is the man behind fashion. He d brings his modern, sexy style to his superstar collection of eyewear.
A must have item for many celebrities Tom Ford Glasses and Sunglasses are fast becoming one of the best selling eyewear brand collection around the world, but at the same time only available to purchase from exclusive boutiques, high end opticians and quality department stores.
Tom Ford prescription glasses and designer sunglasses have continue to be a must have item for many celebrities. Top names such as Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Kanye West and Angelina Jolie have all been seen wearing and admiring some of Tom Fords classic frames.
Tom Ford offers an expanding range of styles in their collection of frames. They have shapes to suit everyone, from Tom Ford geek glasses, Tom Ford round eye glasses and Tom Ford cat eye glasses.
Face À Face - Paris
Far from standardised fashion diktats and conformist trends , each collection  asserts its artistic temperament , drawing its inspiration from the sources of Modern Art, architecture and contemporary design.
Face à Face frames are developed within the design studio directed by Pascal Jaulent resembling small subtle pieces of architecture, playing with volumes, shapes, material and textures.
The frames express themselves through a unique color range which is a true FACE A FACE trademark.
FACE A FACE eyewear will reveal your individual personality and underline the boldness, the  modernity, the seduction of an independent, creative object of design.
Face a Face
In 1995 FACE A FACE is created by Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth as a French eyewear design company, based on modernity and creativity without compromise. FACE A FACE is fabulous and French, high end, rich in color and expression.
The founder Pascal Jaulent has a passion for human and social issues and for ethnology and his dream was to become an urban planner. His studies at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (Paris Management School) led him to first join the financial departments of large companies (Nestlé, Dior ) before his desire to work for a smaller company was fulfilled as General Manager of Lunettes Lafont Paris.
He discovered the amazing connections between the work of an architect and humans as well as the technical and fashion components of creative eyewear.
In 2014 FACE A FACE becomes part of the “Design eyewear group”, where Pascal Jaulent advances to Chief Creative Officer (CCO) for all brands in the group.
face a face