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We carry a large range of boutique watch brands from all over the world.

Aark Collective - Australian

Holloway - Australian

Bruno Sohnle - German

Muhle Glashutte - German

March LA.B - French 

Rapport London - Watch Boxes


Aark Collective, designing time

The AÄRK Collective approach to design is neither rushed nor forced; it is considered, nurtured and organic. Design is undertaken with originality and sincerity.

Aiming for perfect harmony between design, functionality and aesthetics, AARK Collective meticulously scope and constantly refine each detail; the essential structure of each watch is inspired by our appreciation of geometry, graphic elements and minimalist design.

It is the process of balancing these factors with the unique function of each movement that forms the individual characteristics of our timepieces.

It’s a rare occurrence to come across a watch with a unique graphic vocabulary, the watches by Aark Collective, a young Australian brand, is a great example of a different take on the classic watch. Whether their bold and quirky look is appealing is really up to you, but either way, you haven’t seen watches quite like these before.

The first collection by Aark Collective consisted of 3 models in a handful of colours. First, there is the 38mm “Classic”, second is the 40mm “Timeless” and lastly is the 42mm “Iconic”, all are powered by Miyota Quartz movements. Each watch, which are ordered from simplest/cheapest to most complex/expensive, takes a basic watch type and uses simple geometry to transform the expected dials and indexes into something abstract and distinct; for example, all of the watches feature triangular crowns, which is a subtle, but unexpected detail.

The second collection by Aark Collective consists of 4 new models in a few colours. There is the “Shell” in brown and white. “Eclipse”  a gold and black combination. The “Tide” which comes in both Brown/Silver and Black/Gold. And finally the “Eon” in black and silver, with two strap options, steel and leather which you can change yourself.

The release of watches from Aark Collective was the Marble. The Marble is the culmination of AÃRK’s first collaborative effort with industrial design duo Daniel Emma. Born from Daniel Emma’s love of material as a base element to design, the Marble is built on principles of simplicity and playfulness. Featuring a thin layer of real marble enclosed in a pared-back stainless steel casing, the natural beauty of the material speaks for itself. Due to the organic nature of marble, each piece has unique patterning ensuring no two dials are the same. The Japanese Quartz movement housed within provides precision and reliability, while the coloured seconds hand adds a touch of fun!

The forth collection introduced Classic Neu is a refined range based on the original Classic Premium launched in early 2014. Expanding on a core aesthetic influenced by geometry and clean lines, this iteration balances a slimmer profile with minimal hands and AÃRK’s iconic dodecagon index.

AÃRK watches are made to be loved and to last.

From precision Swiss and Japanese Quartz movements to hand-dipped casings and soft Horween Leather straps, we choose and customise the highest quality components for each AÃRK timepiece.

Combining the values of traditional craftsmanship with the best contemporary manufacturing techniques, each of our watches is made with care and made to last. Quality is often tied to beauty but we put just as much thought into the parts that most people won’t see. We’re not yet sure if this is a gift or a curse—but we do know it’s all for your enjoyment.

About Aark

Aark are a  team of four Melbourne-based creatives linked by family and a love of design. Their influences are diverse but they share a desire to make objects that are lasting and unique. Focused on simple forms and obsessed with tiny details the designers inspired by the challenge of balancing function and beauty in wearable design. Most of all, they love sharing their work with likeminded people.

We are AÃRK Collective.




Bruno Söhnle, the perfect combination of form and function

Bruno Söhnle timepieces are produced in Germany’s famed Glashütte region establishing their production standards and accuracy benchmarks with the likes of Lange & Söhne, Original Glashütte and Mühle-Glashütte.

The name Bruno Söhnle has been associated with traditional watchmaking for over 50 years. During this time it has become synonymous with high quality watches for men and women showcased in a variety of styles and price points. By combining classical design elements with modern production materials and techniques Bruno Söhnle watches are not only aesthetic but also technologically perfect.

Tradition and Progress are two decisive values of the Bruno Söhnle Uhrenatelier, which was founded ten years ago. The time has therefore come for a complete collection of “upscale wristwatches” from one source, produced in Glashütte.

The first Bruno Söhnle automatic collection completes a logical development that started in 1990 in Glashütte/Saxony. In the former Assmannhaus, Bruno Söhnle set up a production and development site. For the last decade, this site has produced highly precise watches with modified quartz movements.

Two years ago, our first mechanic edition turned heads in the watch industry. It comes with a hand-wound movement refined and newly developed by us.

Always the Right Watch at the Right Time

The best time of your life is those moments that you will never forget. You will remember them forever. It is a time for enjoying things, perceiving beauty and bestowing special attention on unusual things. Watches measure time. They give a completely new meaning to time and thus to those wonderful moments. They tell us when these beauties have entered our minds; they tell us for how long we may linger in these moments.

Combining Beauty and Function

For more than 50 years, the name of Bruno Söhnle has been connected to the German watch-making craft. The former Assmannhaus in Glashütte in Saxony is a production and development centre at the same time. This is where precision quartz movements are refined and reassembled by qualified specialists.

Make a traditional Bruno Söhnle watch your constant companion and experience a wholly new dimension of time with it. Our new watch collection makes flexible decisions possible. Elegant, sportive, dedicatedly feminine or avant-garde – Bruno Söhnle will always offer the right watch at the right time.

A Very Special Dimension of Time

Bruno Söhnle watches not only tell the time with the absolute precision of a quartz movement; they also give time a very special dimension: A Bruno Söhnle watch combines aesthetics and technical perfection in one single unit, turning every time you read your watch into a special moment. The art of watch-making to create special moments takes the form of reduction in Bruno Söhnle’s watches. They use classical designs, concentrating on what is essential in their shapes while still leaving space for careful details. This makes them unique. Experience, quality and perfection are interpreted in these watches in a way that turns them into a popular time-telling device. At the same time, these watches are highly popular as pieces of jewellery as well.

Tradition that Connects

Precision watches in timeless design, consisting of a Swiss quartz movement enclosed in the finest of materials and produced at the heart of the watch-making trade in Glashütte. That is the BS design line of Bruno Söhnle.

The watch-making craft’s tradition goes back to the early medieval times. Even then, watches were not just mere devices to measure time, but also valuable decorative pieces and technical wonders. Then and now, watches combined an emotional component with practical use. The artful technology, fine design and even historical importance of the watches seem to magically transfer to their owners. A craftsman can make watches, but only the inspiration and sensitivity of an artist will turn them into masterpieces.

The new collections of the Bruno Söhnle watch manufacture are not only aligned with the tradition of our company. They also combine centuries of knowledge and fulfil a long-harboured dream. They are true pieces of art, produced in the family’s tradition.

Fine Wristwatches Made in Germany

Watches measure time. They give time and thus the beautiful moments of life a special meaning. Bruno Söhnle watches not only show the time precisely, they also give time a new dimension with their special aesthetics and technical perfection. Time is perceived differently. Every time you glance at these beautiful watches, time will stop for a moment. Watchmakers have combined beauty and function in the name of Bruno Söhnle for more than half a century.


Mechanical watches are collector’s items and valuables. The Bruno Söhnle mechanics editions contain refined and newly constructed hand-wound movements. Bruno Söhnle created several constructions of his own for these watches, such as the three-quarter plate and the cock with swan-neck fine adjustment. Four specially made chatons are screwed to the plate. The plate and cock edges are polished by hand. The blue-annealed visible screws, as well as the sunburst-decorated ratchet wheel and crown wheel and the stripe-decorated surface show the Bruno Söhnle watchmakers’ hand.

Automatic Watches

Swiss technology is active at the heart of the movement. All plates and pollet cocks are Glashütte-made and refined in our watchmaker’s workshop. The rotor, which is the automated drive of a precise movement, is Bruno Söhnle’s own development.






For travellers, adventurers and creative crew

Holloway locally admire and create essentials for life. World seasonal foods, world music, boutique eyewear and custom watches to name a few. Here at Oki & Oro we stock their beautiful one of a kind watches.

Holloway is the common place in Brisbane for radical applications of natural design to everyday life. Specialising in boutique manufacture, fresh home style world food cuisine, start-up branding and heated debates, Holloway is a sanctum for the thinkers.

An Environmental Movement by merging scavenged materials and utilising natural processes for essential needs while reducing destruction and waste. In order to highlight the possibility of responsible manufacturing, to ensure the prolonged existence of nature and encourage all to design and exist with nature in mind.

Creating whilst reducing the impact from their creation of essential products for people, neutralising the effect of others who have gone before us. Making with and standing for Environmental & Social Protection

 The Antonov & The Babylon

There are two series of watches so far from Holloway, the Antonov and the Babylon.

Both these models come in a variety of materials, all though, have a Kangaroo leather band and a Swiss Ronda movement. These timepieces each make a unique statement as the finish of each watch is different.

Holloway likes to use materials like; Bio-resin, Skate boards, Walnut, Princess Ebony, Teak, Cooper and stripped Zebrano. Most of Holloway’s materials are sourced from Australia, if not, Italy and Papua New Guinea.

Design Earth Created, Creating to Reduce.



March LA.B : a tribute to the timeless elegance of vintage watches

March LA.B is a France-made luxury timepiece brand with headquarters in Los Angeles, California and Biarritz, France. Striking a balance between modern L.A. style and French heritage detailing, the brand’s designs embody opposite yet complimentary aesthetics and create a new transversal time zone.Rooted in vintage inspiration, these timepieces are refined in their simplicity and assert the philosophy that less is more.

About March LA.B

A sports enthusiast and a father of four, Alain Marhic is a man who has cultivated his passions founding 2 windsurfing academies in Brittany during the early 1990’s as well as having had a successful modeling career. He joined the Quiksilver group in 1999 working at their world headquarters Cote Basque, near Biarritz. Eventually assuming the position of Director of Operations for the eyewear and watch divisions. With a vast business experience as well as an eye for design, fashion, and product development, Alain developed an acute sense of brand management working for a global giant in the action sports industry. In 2008, he made the audacious decision to leave everything behind. Driven by his passion for product he started the March LA.B odyssey. He is its founder and CEO.

March LA.B is a tribute to the timeless elegance of vintage watches.

The company’s self-imposed creative requirement is to design timeless styles that will transmit to future generations, following the example set by the most exceptional watches of the past decades. The Mage–Marhic tandem focuses on that aesthetic concept to reveal outstanding timepieces, which are minimal, elegant and lower-profile with balanced proportions complimentary with the style of today’s urban dandy.March LA.B offers 3 collections. 3 distinct directions symbolising the temperaments and styles of its 3 founders:

  • The AM series is the purest collection. A classic and timeless watch at ease in every situation.
  • The JC series is the most classic collection. A subtle inspiration for a more elegant proposition.
  • The JM series is the most exclusive collection.

A unique vision for the true dandies. Finally, March LA.B introduces a timepiece, as anecdotal as it is timeless; the “1805”, a truly inspired “Napoleonic” pocket watch. An homage to the unmistakable style of the First French Empire.

Mühle Glashütte, precision engineering from Mühle

For 140 years the name Mühle has stood for precision and precision measuring. The foundation for this was laid by Robert Mühle in the year 1869. After his training at the watch manufacturer Moritz Großmann, Mühle founded his own company in Glashütte, Germany, manufacturing precision measuring instruments for the local watch industry and watchmakers’ school. The latest models available at Oki & Oro continue this tradition.Mühle Glashütte is the only watch manufacturer in the German town of Glashütte that is still owned by a long-established local family whose history of watch making dates back to 1869.Over the years, this passion for precision measuring has become a full-blown family tradition. Nowadays, however, Mühle also manufactures reliable and precise wristwatches alongside marine time systems, marine chronometers and other nautical instruments. It is these nautical timepieces that form the focus of our current name: Nautische Instrumente Mühle Glashütte.Both measuring devices for watchmakers and nautical instruments are therefore an integral part of the company history. Both of these traditions also still play a role in developing new timepieces, the best example of which is the M 29 Classic and the watches designed for use by the Sea Battalion of the German Navy.The wristwatches produced by Nautische Instrumente Mühle Glashütte stand out due to their clarity of display, excellent functionality and high precision. The S.A.R. models in particular demonstrate these excellent qualities every day, for example on the rescue lifeboats of the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger (German Maritime Search and Rescue Service), where the watch mechanisms also have to withstand extreme stress and strain. This is why they are provided with our patented woodpecker neck regulation, a particularly reliable and precise regulation. As a result, every Mühle watch becomes a precision instrument with one main purpose: to measure time accurately and display it clearly.